The Hills Are [Still] Alive

I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to watching and appreciating musicals. Yeah, sad I know, but I never really was into them. My first impression of a musical was Rene Requiestas and Kris Aquino singing Pido Dida in their movie “Pido Dida 2 – MagAsawa Na!” so you have to understand why I abhorred it since then. I only learned to appreciate them when my friends literally dragged me to the theater to watch Moulin Rouge years ago. I came out of that moviehouse singing Come What May and have memorized their soundtrack ever since.

Now, when Dale learned about this (He’s into movies as I am into gadgets), he forced me to watch Sound of Music (under threats of no sex for a month if I didn’t comply). I thought that this was gonna be the most hellish and gruesome 2+ hours of my life ever as the I imagined the worst in a film ever – old, outdated, pre-war era, musical and no eye candy!

2 hours later, I could have never been more wrong in my assumptions. This was one of the best films I have ever watched. Considering that this was shown 1960s where there was no digital editing and they had to sing real time, it holding its own against movies during our present time.

Now 40 years after the movie was shown, the cast of this movie had a reunion to celebrate one of the timeless classics in movie history.

Liezl – Charmian Carr; 2 Friedrich – Nicholas Hammond; 3 Louisa – Heather Mensies; 4 Kurt – Duane Chase; 5 Marta – Debbie Turner; 6 Brigitta – Angela Cartwright; 7 Gretl – Kym Karath

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  1. nicholas hammond starred in the first spiderman movie while heather menzies came out as female lead in a popular sci-fi tv series "Logan's Run" in the late 70s with Gregory Harrison.

  2. ooh. didnt know that. Thanks for the info! :)

  3. Wow, I grew up with betamax and vhs tapes of Sound of Music and know each song by heart. My son now watches it!

    It's amazing to see how they look now here... mukhang si Julie Andrews lang ang di nagbago ng mukha! lol

  4. oo nga. that actually was my observation din. Julie Andrews is aging really gracefully. :D



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