Review: Survivor Philippines

Jae's Review:

I never really liked the original Survivor. I couldn't relate -- they were foreigners, with a different culture than the one I am accustomed to. So when I started watching our take of thie reality show, I didn't have any basis of comparison for it. I watched it without any expectations (well, to be honest, I expected it to be a huge flop). I am actually surprised on how much I am liking the show.

This series has all the patented pinoy cliches that we regularly see on TV mixed and added to the contestants halo-halo style. We have the coñiotic city-bred girl who hasn't experienced any kind of manual labor, the athlete-jock who has grown up pampered by his parents, the househelp who dreams of fame and stardom, the girl who thinks that because she's poor and hard-up she deserves to win more than the others, the know-it-all who keeps on putting his weight around and the balimbing (two-faced), conniving and backstabbing guy who makes sure there is conflict and tension with everyone.

I thought at first that since we are so concerned with our own image(another part of the Pinoy culture) that these people would realize that they are in front of the camera and would be on their best behavior. I was surprised at how fast some of the contestants showed their ugly sides. Just the first week's episode will give you people who plot to vote out each other in the most back-handed, treacherous and hateful way possible.
This is a great series to watch if you're interested in sociology and human nature. As Stephen King said, "take away man's security and stability-his cellphone, 911, grocery... risk his survival, and you will see just how primal and barbaric he can get". I think Survivor is the closest we can get to observing exactly that.

-Pinoys - our culture, our language
-Eye-candies! Jace and JC anyone? :D

-A weekly one-hour episode has been turned into 30min weekday run (minus commercials, thats a 15-min show everyday)
-too many commercials

Dale's Review:

I, on the other hand, have not seen a single episode of Survivor apart from this Philippine remake of the show. Denis of Greenfields of my Menace pointed out that I must have been living under a rock for the last few years because it is the only explanation why I missed the hugely popular show. The reason is simply because I was never interested in "reality" shows except for that one time when Sam Milby was escorted into the Big Brother house. I was smitten and I became a loyal follower... until they voted him out. So, unless there is a Sam Milby participant in every reality show, I wouldn't be interested. I do applaud, however, the way tha t ABS-CBN infused Filipino values on Big Brother and made it a tool for helping out charitable organizations instead of just featuring naked contestants or leaking voyeur type porn materials from the show just like the foreign counterparts.

So, curious about the growing popularity of the show plus the obvious interesting set-up that made Survivor very popular worldwide, and the bad reviews floating around... we decided to watch the show and judge for ourselves. Thanks to Ika for pointing out where the torrent of the show was finally uploaded, Icey and I sat through the first five episodes of the show.

Poll result: Survivor, Is it worth Watching?

I will say this much about the GMA franchise of the show, after watching the initial episodes, I got convinced that I want to try out for the second season of the show. Seriously, I'm gonna go to the gym every day til then, grow a beard just to be sure I still look nice after 30+ days without a shave and research on all possible sources of food and water when trapped in an island and lastly, research on how to effectively make fire out of nothing... that or i'll hide a lighter in my underwear when I suspect that I am to be shipped to a desolate island.

So yeah, I did like the show. It has to be noted too, that I think that GMA's telenovelas are mostly badly written and laughable, (intentionally?) campy, badly acted, and an insult to the arts. But, I also think, that GMA has an obvious strength in a show like this and this is something that they have to keep having.

You don't have to take my word for it, watch the show for yourselves. In order to appreciate this particular program though, you have to start at the beginning. Otherwise, you will just see annoying contestants and get bored after 10 minutes.

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  1. i would have to agree to iceys point that the castaways were bold enough to show their real faces. I like the way the show chose their castaways, really definitive. The aesthetics of the show is also a plus but of course, the challenges are quite a catch too. well, maybe castaway productions commands on this side.

    through it all, Survivor Philippines saved GMA from the ruins of Pinoy Idol.

  2. dear bum-spot,

    at first i was really tuning in for the skin, but the show slowly caught me through sheer goodness of the make.

    of course, JC God makes me happy every night. Ohhhhh ;)



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