The Lich King Declares War on November 13th!


Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard's second expansion to their massively successful World of Warcraft MMORPG will be released on November 13th.

Blizzard Entertainment is at the forefront when it comes to video games. From Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft and even DOTA, all the titles they release have a distinct polish and class that is entirely of its own, that a lot of video game companies emulate.

World of Warcraft started November of 2004, and being the gamer that I am, I was one of the first people in the Philippines to play it. Dale bought the Collector's Edition from an Ebayer for 5 times its normal price as a gift for me. I have since fallen in love with the game. Sure, there were times I thought I grew tired of WoW, I went on and tried other games (Matrix Online, Lord of the Rings Online, RF Online, Final Fantasy Online - notice how they're all online games?) but after a few days, I would start comparing those other games to WoW and how they all pale in comparison.

Its hard to describe why I love this game. Perhaps the best way to make anyone interested understand is to delve into the game itself. I warn you though, this is an addiction that is very hard to quit.

So here it is. Anyone who is interested in trying this game out, send me a message. I will send you an invite to play it for free for the first ten days, and if you get hooked, I will be buying the official game for you! Conditions apply though. You have to have broadband, a PC that meets the minimum requirements, a credit card (the game requires you to input a credit card for verification-you won't get charged though). After the first month, you'll have to pay for your monthly subscription fee of $14.99.

Oh and yeah. Jae here and this is my first post as Dale's co-author. Hello Everyone! :)

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  1. Sir thanx for dropin at my site, I just wonder if you are from PH. I learned about Nuffnang from your site. I am also a gamer (http://gateazul.blogspot.com) I use to play blizzard's games and (Except Warcraft and dota, WOW-haven't tried) currently waiting the Diablo 3, I hope they'l launch it as a PFF MMORPG.

    I suggest sir you put a chatbox ^^

  2. you should try WoW. Its easily their best game yet. :)

    And yes, were from Pinas.

  3. Oi! Hello Mugen! Nice blog btw. Parang Xerex. HAHAHAH! :P

  4. Waah!! Asahan mong xerex format nun pag near miss. Wahaaha.



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