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For those of you who do not know World of Warcraft, you may as well have lived under a rock for the last six (?) years because it is the single most amazing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) ever made. Now, I was never a gamer but ever since WoW, I have tried to venture into other MMO's just for comparison (Ragnarok, Guildwards, EVE Online, Perfect World and even the MMO advertised on XTube called Redlightcenter which I must admit caters to my more feral side :D) but so far, no game has come close to the magic of the WoW experience.

Original WoW Trailer:

As of the moment I have 1 level 85 Gnome Mage, a level 83 Draenei Shaman healer and a number of level 80's that were left un-leveled when the Cataclysm expansion hit. (10242011)

Burning Crusade Trailer:

A few years ago, I authored a Livejournal entry detailing the start of my love affair with WoW and it is but fitting to repost it to properly explain this awesome addiction.

World of Warcraft Aug. 16th, 2005 at 11:21 PM http://rambaldi23.livejournal.com/1731.html

If you told me one year ago that i'd turn out to be the video game freak that I am now, I'd tell you that you are seriously deluded... now... you can lock me in at home for 5 decades with nothing but food, a PC, a net connection and WoW and I'd erect a monument for you in the middle of Edsa.

It started a few months ago, when my bf took every effort to make me appreciate online games so I'd stop nagging him whenever he'd play endlessly and not even take notice of me. He started off with Ragnarok which I actually tried till I got to Lvl 2 (i think) and then promptly I said YECH!!!! HOW COULD YOU SIT IN FRONT OF THAT NONSENSE FOR HOURS!!! Next came Final Fantasy online. For 2 minutes I actually marveled at the impressive graphics and how cute the tarutaru characters are. That was a big and I mean BIG leap from the ragnarok game that I first saw... so I said, Wow, nice... ok let's do something more productive with our time. :D

And then we bought WoW. Again Helke made me sit beside him (totally against my will) while he was playing and he tried to explain how gooooddd, no, how GREAT this game is. And again, I tried making my own character. At foist I made a Tauren Shaman. For the first 5 levels I was in awe... then i slowly lost interest. I found the Tauren starting area too mundane and so I decided to make another character. A night elf Druid. I had so much fun playing with this character but I refused to join parties because I was afraid that other players would notice that half the time, I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I couldn't even jump from one rock to another without falling off. I totally had no skill that if I were another player and I saw myself play, I'd smack my forehead and advise the guy to log off to save face. Still, I managed to get to level 37.

Finally, I made a gnome Mage. It was then that I fell in love with the game. I walked all the way to the human starting area and started a life of obsession. Now, it has to be noted that I NEVER played any other video game/MMORPG before in my entire life. Not Mario... not even pac man. I have always hated those things... but now, I have fallen in love with one. *sigh* On my 32nd season, I was invited to a guild by a constant playmate, Maestoso ( a night elf druid). We became friends because I would always stand around and offer help/food/buff to every druid that I saw since they kinda reminded me of my other character. I joined a very nutty but FUN guild that I'd just look forward to seeing them in game everyday. That is not saying that I don't like going solo anymore. Even with my new-found skills (other players actually say that I kick ass ;)), I still go around and act like my real-life loner self.

The point to this whole thing... nothing, I'm just killing time at woik and once that clock hits my off, I'm rushing home to play again. hehehe

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