The Lost Boys

Opening with a POV shot to the tune of "Cry Little Sister" of what we can assume as vampires flying over a dark ocean to a group of terrified would-be victims on the shores of Santa Clara, CA, The Lost Boys delivered the most satisfying juvenile vampire flick to date and made a permanent spot on my VHS collection in the early 90's.

Leading the cast are two brothers played by Jason Patric and Corey Haim who just moved along with their divorced mother (played by Oscar winner Dianne Wiest) to the picturesque beaches of Santa Clara in California, a place lovingly called "the murder capital of the world" by its very residents because of the multitude of unsolved deaths and disappearances. Here they cross paths with a gang lead by the very menacing Kiefer Sutherland that turns Jason Patric into a half-vampire (he turns full on his first kill). Corey Feldman plays Edgar Frog, a comic bookstore owner armed with comic book vampire savoir faire, who helps out the brothers in their quest to kill the head vampire and un-turn Patric's character before he becomes a full blood sucker.

The movie isn't a 'serious' horror movie in the Bram Stoker or Anne Rice fashion and it never pretended to be such. It is fun, hip and cool and 21 years later it is proving itself timeless.

The Lost Boys is directed by the often competent Joel Schumacher and photographed beautifully by Michael Chapman who also did the cinematography for Taxi Driver. If that isn't enough of a come-on, there's also the killer soundtrack featuring Cry Little Sister and People Are Strange.

Two decades after the original film came out, cult clamor for a sequel is finally granted. Lost Boys 2: The Tribe is the much awaited sequel that is set to be released on Video on July 29th, 2008. But on this day and age of piracy, cult fans like myself are already able to enjoy the DVD torrent of this film way ahead of the official release date.

I downloaded this movie and started watching it two days ago but I only finished it a few hours ago because I couldn't sleep. The film featured relatively unknown youngsters and the comebacking Corey Feldman, reprising his role as Adam Frog. This sequel promised to be much darker and gorier than the original film and in that aspect, it delivered. The only problem is that the entire movie has B movie written all over it from the very first scene and it never took off. I mean, the first one was also B-movie-ish but the good kind. This poor excuse for a film is so agonizing to watch, it took me two days and a bad case of insomnia to finish it. It would have been understandable if this was an intentional spoof film like Not Another Epic Movie or Scary Movie, but this is a much anticipated sequel that is now officially THE worst movie I have seen this year. It's such a shame that they had to ruin the 20 year legacy of its predecessor. They must have taken lessons from George Lucas on how to ruin a classic. Seriously!!!

Movie Rating:

Lost Boys B
Lost Boys 2 F

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