I don't watch a lot of television. The shows I do watch, I usually download off torrent websites so I can see them unobstructed by commercials that usually run longer than the actual programs. My collection of downloaded TV Series eating up two 60Gig hard drives and almost all of my (and Jae's) PC's memory are Alias, Lost, Heroes (season 1, I deleted season 2 because it sucked), Ally McBeal, Charmed, How I Met Your Mother, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Battlestar Galactica, All seasons of 24, Gossip Girl and for the local shows, My Girl (local adaptation of a Korean Telenovela of the same title that we watched off YouTube) and finally Lobo.

Given that I am running out of hard drive space for these shows and we don't have a working DVD burner at the moment, I usually watch a few episodes of a show and decide whether it is worth following or not.

Lobo captured my interest after seeing the pilot. At the onset, it is a story of a young woman, Nessa, who discovers that she turns into a werewolf days after her 21st birthday. Her painful self discovery led to the death of her mother, which gained the ire of her half sister, and drove her to leave the man that she loves to live secluded from everyone she knows.

Years later, Nessa goes back to the place where she grew up in to escape a murderous mob that killed the father of her child. Here she gets reunited with her former lover who never gave up hope of seeing her again. This is where Lyka, Nessa's daughter and Noah, the son of her ex-lover first meet.

We then follow the principal pair of the story through their separation as friends, their individual hardships while growing up and eventually their reunion as lovers.

The against all odds love story serves as a backdrop for a much bigger content in Lobo which traverses love of family, friendship and most importantly, acceptance of one's self. It is also a parade of able talents and powerful performances from Piolo Pascual, Agot Isidro, Shaina Magdayao, Dimples Romana, Eric Fructuso as well as cinema veterans Irma Adlawan, Dante Rivero and Ms. Pilar Pilapil. The controversial Angel Locsin surprisingly gave a credible performance as the female lead, far from her previous dead-in-the-eye acting from her other telenovelas and movies.

Even with its share of mediocre special effects, the often spastic acting of one of the main antagonists Spanky Manican (Gen. Silva) and Timmy Cruz (Ylvana) who never talks in the entire series but yells all of her lines out to the point where it looks like all the nerves in her head are about to pop, the series has had a very respectable run. Of course quality does not always translate to bankability as reflected by weak ratings especially in the General Manila Area but still, this is one of the smarter/better telenovelas that graced Philippine television in a while.

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  1. yeah, smart show... i don't watch it often though, i prefer comedies over drama anytime (My Girl).

    but shouting is not equal to acting in my opinion. that's what most of the cast does.

    but to each his own.

  2. The original "loud" discourse was intended to look theatrical and was shown on the Lobo council meetings. At first, it worked. But it got way too much especially when the Ylvana character was introduced, then it just got annoying. But shortcomings considered, I'd still rank it over some of the more popular telenovelas of our time. :)

  3. Ohh so mahilig ka pala sa Battlestar Galactica. Apir!

  4. YUPPP!!! That's my 2nd most fave after 24. :D

  5. I still believe that ABS-CBN primetime shows are way better-made over that of GMA's,no matter what the ratings say. That is based, however, on my biased and non-professional opinion. And if anybody disagrees, don't you dare start that GMA-is-better-than-ABS discussion 'coz I won't condescend. I have more important things to do. Hehe...

  6. Well GMA only rules the General Manila Area, ABS is still #1 nationwide :)

  7. although dyesebel wins hands-down for having a large following (owing to the fact that the stars are still fresh from their marimar fame), lobo by-far is superior story-wise.

    That's why I heart it, too :)

  8. di ako mahilig sa mga primetime shows simula ng tumungtong ako ng twenty. in the first place, hindi ko rin siya mapapanood kaso night shift ako.

    pero amazing din tong lobo, andami kong naririnig na good reviews. siguro maganda nga.

    kasi ako, I gave up na with daily dramas.

    amzing din na this is being subbed into english. nagulat nga ko nung nakita ko siya sa d-addicts.

    nauubos naman Gigs ko sa mga japanese drama at anime. movies din.

    pwede na tayong makulong!

  9. i lost my faith for pinoy tv shows long time ago co'z most of them are dumbo..

    i only watch docus like i-witness et.al

    but i've heard from a friend that that lobo is indeed good!

    hmm meron sa torrent?

  10. Yup, just google for it, though the ones on torrent don't have english subs atm.
    The story dragged on for the last month but since I've already been hooked for the last five months, I'm psyched to complete the haul til the finale on Jul 11.

  11. do u still have a working torrent for Lobo? thanks!



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