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A month and a half ago, I canceled my World of Warcraft subscription because I was convinced that it was making me fat, giving me zit and turning me into "The One Which Has No Life." It has been a difficult time staying away from the game especially with constant news about the upcoming expansion plaguing my waking hours and dreams of glorious attempts to win at Battlegrounds while yelling, "WTF retards, you're all NOOBS!!!," filling my nights. Ah, the pains that a social retard like myself have to bear. QQ

Anyway, in my attempt to curb my WoW addiction, I resolved to work-out and I tried out other games as well. After I was done playing Bomberman on PSP (Yes, I tried Patapon and I killed the person that recommended it to me :p), Imman suggested that I try out Cabal Online, a new MMO that is getting to be fairly popular among game fanatics of all ages. And so I did.

Cabal, much like Guildwars, has impressive graphic art but it doesn't look unique from any other MMO's you see kids playing all night in sidestreet cafes. The game is also moderately fun and has well thought of quest chains, add up the fact that it is free to play and it's a win for anybody who does not want to spend P700/month (roughly around $15) on WoW or P1000/month (around $23) if you don't have a credit card and opt to buy a game card off Datablitz.

The big but about this game however is that it is childishly easy to play and it is your standard button mashing game with no IQ or skill required, of course anybody over lvl 15 which is how far I got can refute that. The early level dungeon encounters are soloable and are easier than a WoW twink run on RFC or VC with a lvl 70. It lacks the concept of tanking/healing and DPS synergy that makes WoW soooo good. In WoW, you learn to interact and rely on other classes to finish an instance/dungeon. Your character take on a specific role which is either a Tank (a character whose primary role is to absorb damage and prevent others from being attacked), a healer (they um... well... they heal) or finally the DPS class (the damage dealer that kills the targets while the tank holds the aggro). This may get annoying at times when you have to pick random players to join your group and one player happens to be a six year old brat who thinks he knows everything or a grandma (yes, we have played with grandmas in WoW and some of them kick ass) who has to go AFK (away from the keyboard) like very 5 min because they have a bad bladder. This element of unpredictability forces you to adjust with every encounter and play differently depending on the skill of the players you are with... this keeps you on your toes all the time and challenges you to enhance your skills more. Cabal, sadly doesn't have that on early levels and I am not sure how much of it they have on higher level ranges as the game does not have a primary healing class.

Even on solo play, WoW requires a diffent approach depending on the target and it's level whereas in Cabal, all you have to look out for are the skill cooldowns and you practically do the same thing over and over and over again and that makes it a bore.

All in all, Cabal may not give you 1/10 of the satisfaction you get from playing WoW, but if you want a casual-player-friendly game that is easy on the eyes and you don't want to spend P700-P1000/month (even if it's totally worth it on WoW), then Cabal may just be the game for you. It is better than City of Heroes/Villains and just as okay as Guildwars and you don't even have to pay for anything else but your monthly DSL connection.

Download Cabal here for PH players.

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