Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 2-

Part 2:

The Case.

One of the cases I filed got assigned to the sala of Arbiter Felipe Pati. This particular case is against the board members of a gaming company that already shut down operations due to the president exiting the country and refusing to send any more funds to continue operations due to the multitude of errors in decision that he himself made even before I joined the company - mistakes that we were trying to remedy at that point. As I was the highest ranking official left in the country, I arranged for the inventory of all assets and collectibles as well as the computation of all liabilities. The assets, even at 60% devalued worth turned out to be enough to cover all liabilities such as rent, utilities and severance pay for all employees. I arranged for all the figures to be forwarded to the board of directors so they can facilitate the filing of proper closure with the Department of Labor. With the president gone, the VP who initially promised to stay in the country to sort things out decided to suddenly leave the country as well. That left us with three remaining board members. One is the Board Secretary who is also the HR Manager, second is the Board Treasurer who is also the Administrative Manager and finally the Filipina girlfriend of the VP. At this point, the in-laws of the President as well as his personal lawyer showed up in the office to claim the assets of the company. I met up with these people to show them the list of liabilities and to make sure that the 200+ employees who abruptly lost their jobs will be properly compensated. When they expressed the plan to liquidate the assets to return the money to the president of the company as he claimed that he invested those anyway, I refused to give it to them as those assets are company property and at the event of the untimely closure, should be liquidated to pay off the liabilities of the company.
To cut the story short, I forwarded all needed data for proper closure to the remaining members of the board so that a resolution can be prepared for its liquidation and finally settle all the company obligations. To everyone’s dismay, the Board Secretary and Treasurer who are both Filipina refused to cooperate and went into hiding. Now I was left with one willing board member (the VP’s girlfriend) and the company lawyer who kept on trying to contact the remaining board members to cooperate so proper closure can be facilitated. Since majority of the board (60%) is composed of Filipinos, all we needed was a board resolution for the closure and the liquidation of the assets. I was willing at that point to help out with the leg work until every liability was paid.
When it was apparent that the two other Filipina Board Members were not going to help, a handful of agents and officers, including me headed off to the NLRC to file a case.
-end of part 2-
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