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Online Shopping: Clarks Freely Turn Oxford Shoes

I never liked shoe shopping! The reason for this is because I never know what shoes to get and I always seem to end up with an awkward pair. The only thing I know about shoes is that the fake ones you find in Greenhills are totally fine to buy and the ones in the malls are completely overpriced. :))

But after being told by MJ de Leon of that I wear "daddy shoes," I thought I'd go ahead and check out what else is out there and of course consult a few people along the way.

I narrowed down my choice to this suede pair at Clarks in Shangri La. The only problem with it is, from P500 a pair in Greenhills, I am about to get shoes for seven freaking thousand (fine, P6998 if you care to be exact). I know shoe collectors and addicts buy shoes that are way more expensive than this but I would really rather eat an expensive buffet lol.

So in my attempt to save, I got the shoe details (US size, model and color) and looked it up online. I first checked out my go-to shopping site, Then I compared the price with and  

Here's a price comparison of what I found:

Clarks PH store P6998
Amazon $69.95 + shipping to my US address and tax (total $85.20 or P4004)
OnlineShoes.Com $62.97 (my size was unavailable)
ClarksUSA.Com (Product no longer available)

So from P7000 (err P6998) down to P4004 seemed like a pretty good deal already but it is still a little more than what I am willing to spend for shoes so I cancelled my order and forgot about it for about a day. When I cancelled my order, Amazon had a survey asking for the reason why the sale didn't go through. Thoughtlessly, I answered that the shipping cost is too high.

 Initial, cancelled order due to shipping cost

Then Amazon did something awesome! I checked back a day later to finally buy the shoes and to my surprise, not only was it available at a slightly lower price, they also waived the US shipping cost! So from a total of $85.20 (P4004), I was able to get the shoes for only $68.64 (P3226)! Even with additional shipping fee to the PH, I am still saving up A LOT by getting it online!

Oh, if you were wondering how I was able to get a US address and get the item delivered to the PH worry free, it is because of the awesome tie-up of GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and It lets me purchase items from the US even in some websites that require a US-released credit card, delivers it to a US address provided by my-shoppingbox then forwards it to my PH address at really low shipping rates and no extra charges or fees. 

I've posted a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for a GCASH American Express Virtual Pay here so please check it out!

Dale Bacar
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