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Top Grossing Filipino Films for 2013

Here are the results off boxofficemojo as of December 4-8, 2013. Conversion is set at $1=P42.

  1. It Takes a Man and a Woman $9,141,744 (P383,953,248) 
  2. Four Sisters and a Wedding $3,351,356 (P140,756,952) 
  3. She's the One $3,189,636 (P133,964,712)
  4. Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush Mo? $2,352,001 (P98,784,042) 
  5. Bromance $1,764,028 (P74,089,176) 
  6. A Moment in Time $1,588,999 (P66,737,958) 
  7. Must Be Love $1,489,456 (P62,557,152) 
  8. Momzillas $1,284,220 (P53,937,240)
  9. Call Center Girl $1,142,624 (P47,990,208)
  10. Kung Fu Divas $764,074 (P32,091,108)
  11. Status: It's Complicated $578,612 (P24,301,704)
  12. Tuhog $578,482 (P24,296,244) 
  13. My Lady Boss $449,509 (P18,879,378) 
  14. Bekikang: Ang Nanay kong Beki $318,095 (P13,359,990)
  15. On The Job $308,270 (P12,947,340) 
  16. The Bride and the Lover $253,439 (P10,644,438)
  17. Raketeros $106,256 (P4,462,752)


As of November 27–December 1, Call Center Girl enters the Box Office chart with $776,965 (P32,632,530). The film is still showing in select cinemas as of posting date, December 10th. As of Dec 1-4 update, earnings for the movie has gone up to $1,142,624 (P47,990,208).

As of November 20–24, Status: It's Complicated climbs another notch with $578,612 (P24,301,704).

As of November 13-17, Status: It's Complicated climbs a notch with $542,132 (P22,769,544).

On November 6-10, She's the One moved up over Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush Mo? with $3,141,536 (P131,944,512). New entries are Status: It's Complicated $362,837 (P15,239,154) and Bekikang: Ang Nanay kong Beki $318,095 (P13,359,990).

As of October 23-27, She's the One registered $2,231,925 (P93,740,850). The film opened on October 16. Meanwhile, it was announced on ASAP that as of October 27, the film has already reached the 100M mark which Star Cinema usually uses as a benchmark for their box-office hits. Close enough I guess.

Bekikang, which opened on October 23rd, did not make it to the box-office list.

As of October 9–13, Kung Fu Divas which opened on October 2, 2013, entered the boxofficemojo list with only $764,074 (P32,091,108). This is despite the online hype and mostly positive critic reviews. Personally, I think the film is overrated. The panty scenes are vomit-inducing; the hair effects, overly done. This cements further the fact that Marian, who is very popular on television, has minimal (or at least inconsistent) box-office draw. Her biggest blockbuster to date is 2008's My Bestfriend's Girlfriend. The film is still showing in cinemas as of October 23, however, so the numbers may still improve.

As of September 25-29, Momzillas which opened on September 18, entered the blockbuster list at #7 with $975,046 (P40,951,932). Total earnings increased to $1,284,220 (P53,937,240) as of October 2-6, 2013.

Star Cinema's critically-acclaimed film, On the Job, registered a weak P12,947,340 as of September 11-15, 2013. Ekstra, which was released just days ahead, is non-existent in the box-office list. Now if you hear pa-sosyal Pinoys saying that they don't watch Filipino movies because none of them are good, please slap them with this data. The reason major studios seldom produce quality films is because when they do, only a fraction of society actually watches it. But when they just come up with romcoms and Wenn Deramas comedies, people flock to the cinemas.

As of August 11, 2013 Abs-Cbn announced that Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush Mo has already grossed over 100M. Per box-officemojo data, the film has grossed P98,784,042 ($1=P42) as of September 11-15, 2013.

Per several press releases and blog posts published on the second week of June 2013, It Takes A Man and a Woman has already surpassed the 400M mark. The figures above may not coincide with studio press releases though as their figures include earnings from international screenings.

Meanwhile, here is the updated list of the highest grossing MMFF movies of all time.

Dale Bacar
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  1. Sinu-sino bida sa "A Moment in Time" at "Must Be Love"?

    1. Anonymous4/19/2014

      A moment in time - Coco Martin & Julia Montes
      Must Be love - Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla

  2. A Moment in Time = Coco Martin
    Must Be Love = Daniel Padilla

  3. Anonymous4/18/2013

    wala po bang latest update?magkano po total na kinita ng must be love

  4. As of last tally which is safe to call final kasi d na sya showing anywhere: Must Be Love $1,489,456 (P59,578,240)

  5. Anonymous9/25/2013

    Raketeros lol

  6. Richard Paglicawan10/03/2013

    How much po kaya ang magiging box-office returns ng Kung Fu Divas now that Star Cinema ang nag-release? Just asking po Mr. CUTE DALE BACAR.

  7. May cute talaga? :))
    Well Marian never really had a movie na kumita ng malaki, hopefully this will be the first na maghit ng over 100M.

    1. You To Me Are Everything, Tarot, My Bestfriends Girlfriend (Valentine box office Quen), shake rattle and roll 10 (Nieves) and more

  8. mey movie si Marian na kumita ng malaki, You To Me Are Everything, My Bestfriends Girlfriend (Valentine Box office Queen), Tarot, Shake Rattle and Roll 10 (Nieves) and more

    1. The list is for 2013 movies only :)

      By the way guys, you may also comment using your Facebook profiles. Just go to the 'Facebook Comments' tab. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous10/24/2013

    Magkano po kaya ang magiging final tally ng Kung Fu Divas? Lukewarm success lang ata ito if di magbabago figures.

  10. Will update once the figures are out. But yeah, compared to other Star Cinema blockbusters, mahina sya :)

    1. Anonymous10/25/2013

      Mahirap din kasi makipagcompete sa international films. Star Cinema na nga lang ata ang nakakablockbuster eh. Kahit GMA Films hirap. My Lady Boss lang ata nagawa nila this year tapos flop pa. 19M lang kinita.

  11. Sadly, the better Filipino movies from various film festivals, walang kinikita masyado.

    1. Anonymous10/26/2013

      Indeed, I remember Thy Womb. It's really good, and movie earned almost 6M only if I'm not mistaken.

  12. Anonymous10/27/2013

    aminin natin saying kasi magbayad ng 180-200 pesos kung di ka sigurado sa movie. normally word of mouth kasi kung maganda ang movie

  13. Anonymous10/27/2013

    Ang success or failure ng movie eh hindi lang dahil sa artista. Depende din kung maganda yun story, or kung kuha ang panglasa ng masa. Kaya mabili mga Wenn Deramas comedy films at mga romcoms.

    Do not blame Marian Rivera. Look at the movies she starred in, ang mga may potential lang kumita are My Best Friend's Girlfriend and You To Me Are Everything, both romcoms. The rest, hindi talaga pwede...Super Inday, Temptattion Island, Kung Fu Divas? Unang-una, satire yun Kung Fu Divas, hindi pang blockbuster talaga iyan, kahit sino pa ang gumanap diyan. Masyado lang mataas expectations ng mga tao kasi sina Marian Rivera and AiAi Delas Alas ang mga bida, na parehong galing sa rival networks. Kaya may hype. Pero, para kumita ang pelikula, dapat makuha din interest ng mga nakakaraming movie audience. Isa pa, first time nag direct si Onat Diaz ng pelikula, puro tv commercials lang siya, and tv talk show program, like the Buzz. You can't expect na first time director, blockbuster kaagad. And to be honest, madaming flaws yun KFD. Performance wise, flawless sina Marian and AiAi...ang mahina yun story, and medyo nag buckle sa gitna yun film. Pero when it picked up nun malapit na sa climax ng film, maganda naman, lalo na nun muntik na mag sacrifice yun character ni Marian.

    Anyway, hindi totoo yun sabi ni Dale na walang malaking kinita na movie si Marian. When somebody pointed it out by naming the films, he back pedalled and sinabi nalang na for 2013 lang ang list...ehhhhh, the poster was answering your statement na wala pang pelikula si Marian na malaking kinita...obvious naman yun point ni Pablo. May mga malaking kinita na movies na si Marian, and if tama ang movie projects niya sa future, walang rason kung baket hindi kikita ang pelikula niya. Wag magpadala sa mga pasaring ng mga biased fans ng Star Cinema and channel 2. Marian is popular. There is no denying that. Pero, a movie will succeed or fail not just on the basis of the star power of its lead star. Dapat maganda din ang story. Si Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, lahat sikat, lahat popular, pero may mga movies na sobrang flop, kasi hindi maganda. Maski sikat sila, hindi enough na masalba yun film.

    Hater will hate. Bashers will bash.

    1. wow!! ikaw na!
      agree aq jan..

    2. Anonymous11/03/2013

      Ako I watched KFD 3 times. And I have to say, sa tatalong beses na yun sold out yung mga cinema. Kaya medyo gulata ako sa Box Office Result. Agree ako sa iyo. Ang mga loyal fans na tulad ko/natin talaga ang may maitutulong sa movie ng favorite nating artista example Marian pero naniniwala ako na para masabing hit ang movie dapat hindi lang mga fans ang nagkagusto kailangan pati ang hindi fans. Yung story nga medyo dragging, kasi considering 3 times ko napanuod yung movie eh nakita ko talaga ang flaws nito. Hindi na din masama para kay Direk Onat bilang unang movie pa lang naman ito. Yung hype kasi talaga at big stars sina Ai Ai and Marian kaya nag-expect ang mga tao kaya siguro nasasabi nilang flop, pero considering ang ibang factors tulad ng mga kasabay nitong international films halimbawa, masasabi kong okay na din naman ang kinita nila.

  14. Anonymous10/28/2013

    Mr is a big star a lot of people want her to fail. Kfd is not the pinoy kind of movie regardless of who stars in it

  15. I read dale's tweets every day and he's just honest about everything. Si jacky chan ba ang leading man sa kung fu divas?

  16. well said anonymous! ngayon nga na si Marian Rivera ay pinagkaguluhan sa Vietnam, instead na maging proud ang iba ay grabe pa rin ang pagbaBash. Anyway mey mga intetrnational screeings pa ang KungFuDivas, so let's see. The game is not yet over.

  17. Anonymous10/09/2014

    ano pa ipagmamalaki mo eh tsugi talaga ang kungfu divalets

  18. Anonymous10/16/2014

    She hasn't had any blockbusters; the amount of gross her movies earned, in comparison to the blockbuster movies in the same year, fail in comparison.


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