Which among the TV stations is the best for you?


The question posted in the first ever Netizens' Choice Awards was: Which among the TV stations is the best for you?

I have always believed that judgment on which shows to watch should never be on the basis of who is Kapamilya, Kapuso or Kapatid. In a time of TIVO, DVRs and streaming sites, any audience with the means to go online can have access to all the shows broadcast in any given day, thus eliminating the need to choose which show or network to favor. 

But for the benefit of this particular survey, and mainly on the basis of quality, the obvious answer is Abs-Cbn. Being the most senior (?) of the three, Abs-Cbn edges in terms of maturity and having the right mix of shows catering to all social classes. The network also invests on the training and improvement of their talents and this translates into better actors, hosts and performers. They also have the most number of successful acts grown from reality shows as measured by their staying power and visibility. Finally, at least in my own circle, if you ask anyone to name five celebrities whom they think are famous, at least 4 if not all that would be named would be from this network that has become a staple in most Filipino homes in the country and even abroad. 

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