Green Lantern is gay on Earth Two #2

After Archie Comics and Marvel, it is now DC's turn to ease in that being gay is okay and is not at all what you heard about in Catholic school. 

In case you start wondering why the sudden change of heart for the playboy Green Lantern that you saw in the recent film adaptation, this isn't the same guy. There are in fact several Green Lanterns in the universe and before there was Hal Jordan, there was Alan Scott.

Alan Scott was created in 1940 and was replaced in the 60's by Hal Jordan. But in the comics, he would repeatedly reappear, often as an older man. 

He was reintroduced in Earth Two #1, as a young man, and head of GBC Productions. He will then be shown in Earth Two #2 kissing a man named Sam who appears to be his partner.

In brightest day, in blackest night it is so awesome to learn that heroes are out to fight the biggest battle yet - homophobia. For this, thank you DC and I'd be sure to reserve a copy. <3

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