Eugene Domingo wants to be Dora if given a choice

Two days before the nationwide release of the much awaited sequel to the 2009 runaway hit, Kimmy Dora, no less than the Eugene Domingo herself met up with entertainment bloggers in the Metro to talk about the sequel. She was joined by the film's director Joyce Bernal and writer/director Chris Martinez.

Despite her success, Miss Domingo arrived even before the prescribed call time. She also came without an entourage of security and assistants often seen with actors of her caliber. She casually slipped into the room where we were at, briefly said hi and got busy with her laptop. I was able to take a peek at what she was doing and I saw her personally checking the movie's Facebook page. Now you know were to post your comments, well-wishes and personal messages to Eugene. 

The mood was very casual during the blogger conference that we didn't even notice that we spent almost 2 hours already talking about her and the movie. The trio excitedly shared how the sequel was conceived. Joyce Bernal told us that the original idea was to call it Part 3 and just skip Part 2 altogether. This was because they did not have an immediate follow-though to the original story and Part 2's have a reputation of being inferior or not as successful as the original.

Chris Martinez shared how the original concept was nothing similar to what is now produced but they are glad and proud of the final movie that we will all get to see on June 13, 2012. So proud even that they unanimously declared that this is a much better movie than the first. Eugene even said, "Kung mukhang nagyayaman-yamanan lang kami sa una, dito mukha na talaga kaming mayaman." (If we looked like we were just pretending to be rich on the first movie, here we look plausibly rich.) This is of course thanks to Star Cinema who now has a bigger role in co-producing the movie.

Playing both Kimmy and Dora convincingly, it was unavoidable that Eugene was asked whom she preferred to be between the siblings whose ugali is as different as night and day. To this, Eugene said that life would be so much simpler if people looked at the world as Dora does. She is the slightly err... eccentric sister who is simple and kind, and is always happy as long as she gets to eat. Now that last part reminds me so much of myself. Lol. 

Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme will be shown nationwide on June 13, 2012. As the first movie elevated the quality of comedy in this country, we would surely look forward to what this convergence of talent will be offering this time around. 

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  1. Anonymous6/12/2012

    I love the 'as long as she gets to eat'. LOL! Kaloka ka Dale! :-)

  2. Haha sinabi nya un :))

  3. Anonymous6/13/2012

    I heard it, Dale. Hehehe! :-)



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