Review: Forbidden Broadway

I saw Forbidden Broadway with my mom and my 12-year old niece. My mom being a musical theater fan and my niece who was then watching a musical for the first time in her life made them the perfect specimen as to how these two types of audiences would react to the show.

Seeing how my mom was laughing her heart out, it was easy to guess that she loved the show. My niece, however, appreciated very specific parts of the performance. She especially loved the spoof on Wicked and Annie. I guess this must be because she has seen the movie adaptation before. During some parts of the performance, she would discreetly ask, "Who are they supposed to be now," and I would explain to her that the cast was making fun of Barbra and her white mic, Lisa Minnelli and some other Broadway icons that she wasn't familiar with yet.

And while it could get confusing sometimes when the songs used weren't from the actual musical being spoofed, Forbidden Broadway offered enough for any casual theater fan to enjoy. It was a challenging show that relied heavily on a discriminating attention to detail, thankfully Liesl Batucan, Caisa Borromeo, Lorenz Martinez and OJ Mariano were up to the task. Under the slick direction of Joel Trinidad, they effortlessly slipped from one character to the other without missing a beat giving a fast-moving and hilarious two hours.

Forbidden Broadway will have its final run on May 27, 2012 at 3PM. You may click here for available tickets via Ticketworld.

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  1. Anonymous5/27/2012

    I couldn't help but revisit the story about your niece not appreciating most the production's part. However, I am glad that she liked the spoof of 'Annie' and the 'Wicked'. I love your mom for being there and did enjoy the whole show.

    Thanks for this review, Dale. :)

  2. She wasn't familiar on some of the characters spoofed kasi. She is 10 pala btw, not 12. My bad hehe

  3. Anonymous5/27/2012

    Fascinated! I enjoyed every minute of it. Specially with their rendition of "on my own" and "defying gravity". I admire the versatility of the cast; plus the simplicity of the direction made it easy to digest every scene. Overall, it gave just the right mixture of all the element which made the entire production a success.

  4. Anonymous5/27/2012

    How do I make my profile pix appear? :))



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