Unofficially Yours opens today

Opening big with a front page promo ad on a major daily is Star Cinema's latest offering, Unofficially Yours. The movie is the first big screen screen pairing of John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. 

This also marks the reunion of Cruz with box-office director, Cathy Garcia-Molina who directed such memorable hits as My Amnesia Girl, A Very Special Love and One More Chance. 

The film attempts to define the undefinable stage when a couple decides to not label the relationship or acknowledge how they feel about each other. It presents a set-up where love does not automatically translate to being together and why some people prefer an unofficial status. Finally, it posts the question: Would love survive if the person that you long for is left... unofficially yours?

Photo by Adrian Abella

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  1. It also posts the the question, is it right to take over an entire front page of a major daily? Lol

  2. The explanation for this is in the movie pala :)

  3. Anonymous2/25/2012

    so how much has the movie made? I think its doing well but wondering why there's not much news how well? why? fans and observers alike and doubters for sure are making a big deal of it yet.
    is it because Starcinema's hoping for more than what they've made?
    another question..I honestly think they made more than the Hollywood movies showing alongside. could be the reason why no one is releasing any further news. not to affect the sales of the other movies? sorry for the long quieries

  4. The movie is a certified hit as per Star Cinema standards. Actually if you check out the ABS-CBN/Star Cinema FB pages or even Philippine TV Ratings, that information is posted frequently. :) Will try to post an update as well.



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