24: Redemption

Bridging the gap between the 6th and 7th seasons, Redemption presents a solid tale of war torn Sangala, where Jack has fled to get over the many woes of his past where every self-sacrificing act was met with the demise of those closest to him.

Fans of the show will understand that the title does not only stand for the redemption of of our favorite hero, Jack Bauer. It is a redemption from the show's less than phenomenal sixth season. One that we are willing to overlook as we have long understood and accepted that no matter how weak the storyline, 24 is and will always be the greatest show on earth TV.

Also presented in the movie is the inauguration of President-elect Allison Taylor, the country's first woman president. In the few minutes that she graced the screen, we get a feel of a formidable character that is bent to do good as did President David Palmer.

I will not attempt to review the movie as I am not only a fan, I am a groupie for the series. This, I will say though, you have to watch the first six seasons of 24 for you to entirely appreciate how awesome the story is. The sporadic peek at random episodes and random seasons on local TV will never suffice as events all occur in real time and you have to watch every minute of it to get the entire plot. And no, you cannot skip to the last season either. I will torture you if you do that. You have to watch it from the very beginning.

Independently, the movie is well-made and more than served its purpose of setting up fans for the upcoming season. For those that have strayed to the less interesting plots of gossiping girls, stranded survivors, troubled doctors, crime scene ghouls or even space political dramas, this movie will redeem your lost trust in the series and get you as primed as I am for the seventh season.
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